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Madoka Oshima was born in Tokyo, Japan.

She showed interest in music at an early age and began piano lessons at age of six.She also studied violin for five years giving her the ability to learn string instruments such as the guitar and a Japanese traditional instrument Sanshin.


Madoka went to a private school near Tokyo, which allowed her to explore various forms of art including music, visual art, and theater. She gained experience composing and arranging music for plays, learned to play Japanese traditional drums, and gave many musical performances.During this time, a variety of musical styles, such as world folk music, R&B, gospel, and jazz provided inspiration for her development.


Madoka moved to the US in 2002, first living in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she began to study jazz seriously, concentrating on the voice. The devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina forced her to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. She decided to study piano further and gained a full-scholarship in piano performance at Clayton State University in Morrow, GA.Madoka finished her Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Studies at Georgia State University in 2008. Madoka is active as a performer in Atlanta in a variety of genres including jazz, classical, R&B, rock, and gospel.


Madoka has started gaining a repetition as a piano instructor. She has been teaching at the Lovett School in Atlanta since 2008, where she blends jazz theory and classical teaching for students to have better understanding music in depth.

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